Talk UX

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This past weekend Intowow had the honor of presenting at Talk UX, a user experience conference with an amazing lineup of women from around the world. With more than 400 design, engineering and user experience professionals and enthusiasts in attendance, our own frontend engineer, Emily Chang, delivered a presentation about UX in mobile advertising.



This year’s lineup – the 3rd annual convening of Talk UX – was especially diverse, featuring designers and technologists from tech giants like Facebook, Google and Trend Micro sharing the stage with UX professionals from fields as diverse as music, healthcare, and refugee management. With a packed house at Taipei’s Syntrend Building, it was truly inspiring to hear the passionate personal and professional stories of women who are changing travelers’ healthcare patients’, refugees’ and everyday phone users’ lives through UX every day.

Intowow would like to extend a special thank you to Ladies that UX Taipei for hosting the event, and we look forward to more great event collaborations in the future.

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