New SDK released – Viewability measurement enhance & AdMob Custom Event support

By | 2018-09-12T04:26:38+00:00 November 8th, 2017|SDK Update|

Updated Moat SDK and Addition of IAS SDK

Viewability measurement is vital to both desktop and mobile ad inventory. Last year, we added Moat viewability measurement to Intowow SDK to assist publishers in verifying their valuable inventory for advertisers. The latest release of Intowow SDK (10/20/2017) is a Moat SDK update that improves performance. In addition to the Moat update,, Integral Ad Science (IAS) verification is now available with Intowow SDK. To enable the latest IAS and/or Moat measurement updates, our partner publishers only need to upgrade their Intowow SDK – no additional work required.



AdMob Custom Events Now Get Support of Native Advanced

AdMob- and MoPub-integrated publishers are now able to access the Intowow branding video marketplace through the integration of AdMob and MoPub custom events into Intowow SDK. We currently support AdMob banners and rewarded video, as well as MoPub banners and native video formats. Today we’re glad to introduce updated AdMob custom events to support AdMob’s Native Ads Advanced format. Both Android and iOS versions support Native Ads Advanced display, but only Android supports Native Ads Advanced video at the moment.

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