Dmexco Debrief

By | 2018-04-13T03:02:41+00:00 November 8th, 2017|Event|

Where to begin? On our first visit to dmexco, the Intowow team walked tens of miles, learned from the speeches and panels of industry leaders, ate our weight in currywurst, and gained invaluable insights from speaking with hundreds of people in and around the in-app marketing ecosystem.

The most exciting aspect of the show was the overwhelmingly positive and curious response to our new VPAID solution. Demand partners with VPAID content are eager to extend their campaigns to in-app placements and we, likewise, are in pursuit of diverse, premium brand video demand.

As a team, we agreed that our biggest takeaway from the show is that there is still so much learning (and teaching) to be done in this industry. The understanding gaps that exist from brand advertiser to creative agency to media agency to demand providers to supply providers are widespread. This collective lack of understanding results in untold missed opportunities for creative brand expression, campaign reach, media diversification, and ad revenue for publishers.

We left the show with dozens of new leads to follow up on and a strong sense of how we can better express Intowow offerings to publishers who insist on preserving their UX while adding premium monetization.

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