Passion Drives Everything – a Day in a Life of an Intowow Advisory Solution Engineer

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“One of the things I love about Intowow is that everyone is encouraged to contribute their ideas and logic to make our product better.” – Yoyo Lin, Advisory Solution Engineer. 

1. Tell us a bit about your job.

Hello, I am YoYo, Advisory Solution Engineer at Intowow. I previously worked as a software engineer, but my passion for communications led me to join Intowow as a Solution Engineer, which is a vital role in communicating between engineering and business departments. My most important tasks in this role are working with clients’ engineers to administer technical orientations and assist with the integration of our SDK into their app products. Internally, I discuss client problems and challenges with our product team to optimize our products and make them more competitive. While acting as a technical guide, communication is the most crucial skill for me to do my job well and helping business successfully cooperate via my technical ability is the core value of this job.

2. What’s your favorite thing about working at Intowow?

Before I joined Intowow, I was confused about how to find a job where I could utilize my project management and communication skills while continuing to strengthen my technical abilities. It seems that there are not many jobs like that in the software industry in Taiwan. However, Intowow has a clear need for this skillset. Here I have the opportunity to discuss technology with engineers all around the world and I can learn about the advertising industry at the same time. In adtech, we are constantly encountering small roadblocks and challenges, but one of the things I love about Intowow is that everyone is encouraged to contribute their ideas and logic to make our product better.

3. Describe one memorable experience you’ve had while working at Intowow.   

The first time I visited a client in person, I had not done enough research on their product structure. I asked them to integrate our SDK according to our product logic, but their product’s structure could not be modified to integrate our SDK at that time, and I was not prepared to offer other solutions. As a result, I got scolded by their engineers.  This humbling experience made me realize the importance of researching my client’s product structure carefully as a first step to finding the best integration solution and reach our goals.

4. What is a typical day in the office like?

When I come to the office, our first task of the day is to review which clients we need to assist in finishing SDK integration as well as any bugs that need to be fixed in our own products. Solving client challenges and keeping the process moving smoothly is essential. Throughout the day, I will likely need to clarify many questions with my account managers as we collect and track data for analysis and optimization to maximize revenue. Communicating with people from different teams and different clients to find perfect solutions makes up my entire day.

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