In-App Brand Video Continues Its Rise

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In the first half of 2018 Intowow traffic shows that more global brands are putting their faith – and their advertising dollars – in mobile app inventory. Despite industrywide concerns about viewability, fraud, and GDPR, our traffic shows in-app brand video ad spend growing in leaps and bounds. With global increases of nearly 30% MoM and a June peak at nearly triple the revenue from January, app publishers are experiencing a windfall of new brand ad spend. But it’s not only growing advertiser confidence that’s driving this trend, let’s consider a couple of other key factors driving this momentum.

Adding brand video ads to any app’s monetization portfolio would create incremental value, but apps of different function and content types realize those benefits in different ways. Photo and video apps are one vertical benefitting from the rising tide of brand video advertising, and our data shows that Intowow has been able to increase revenue for multiple publishers by refining placement choices. It’s a common misconception that to increase ad revenue, a publisher must display more ads. Intowow takes a shrewd approach to recommending strategies that optimize revenue and support UX. As an example, the video editing app Videoshow has seen its ad revenue more than triple in 2018, despite utilizing just a single ad placement. By taking a dynamic approach to refining Videoshow’s single ad placement, we have been able to crank up view through rates (VTR) to +70%!

International market trends are another important consideration in the growth of in-app brand video advertising. Let’s take a look at Brazil, where programmatic in-app video ad buys are surging. From Q1 to Q2 2018, Intowow traffic shows programmatic in-app brand video revenue quadrupling – an uptick has clearly benefited from numerous new global advertisers coming into the picture. Just last month (June 2018), a handful of global brands – including Avon, P&G, Nestle, and Heineken – contributed more than 40% of the programmatic ad spend on Intowow traffic in Brazil. By contrast, none of these major advertisers had made any noteworthy programmatic buys in Brazil prior to December 2017. This growth is a prime example of how trends can sustain their momentum by reaching new and untapped markets. Look for similar market breakouts as other countries with large populations like India and Indonesia continue to improve their mobile infrastructure.

We’re more than halfway through 2018, and it looks like in-app brand video advertising is just getting started. Stay tuned for more news and views from Intowow.

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