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With DMEXCO 2018 in the books, it’s time to look back at the highlights of the show and its related events and activities. Here are a few aspects of the show that stood out for us.

The Talk of the Show

Every year, buzzwords and hot button topics fly around at DMEXCO. For Intowow, three topics stood out this year: OM SDK, managed service, and GDPR. As excited as we were to talk up our recent OM SDK certification, people we met were even more interested to find that we are already certified and many demand providers saw this future-looking move as an incentive to pursue working together. We also found that our managed client service is quite appealing in a space where fraud is still a major issue, as many partners are leery of self-serve platforms and resolving issues without a dedicated contact person. For as much time as we spent discussing OM SDK and managed service, it was a surprise how little we heard about GDPR questions or concerns. 

The Pre-parties

As anyone who has attended DMEXCO knows all too well, the first order of business is to choose which pre-party or parties to prioritize. After picking up our badges at the Koelnmesse, we took a divide and conquer approach, sending team members to the DMEXCO VIP Opening Party, the Get On Board Party, and PREmexco. Pre-parties are a great warm up for the show, offering early networking opportunities and a chance to polish your
– and, of course, complimentary drinks and snacks.

At the Event

We arrived bright and early on Wednesday as this year was our first with a booth at DMEXCO. Wednesday was the busier of the two expo days at the Intowow booth, with a combination of scheduled meetings and walk-in foot traffic keeping us busy from 9:30 – before the show officially opened – til after 18:00. By contrast, Thursday started off busy until around 13:00, but after that the crowds tail off quickly as most Europe-based attendees head home. Expect to get the vast majority of your business done in the first 1.5 days of the event with Thursday afternoon being a great time to meet with other companies with booths, take a stroll to collect swag, and “help out” those companies that still have free beers in their fridges by enjoying one.

On Stage

In addition to having our first booth at DMEXCO this year, we also had our first speaking session. Titled “Make In-App Video Buys Scalable,” the session focused on the challenges demand-side companies face in attempting to access in-app inventory, spanning viewability, VPAID, and render rate. Getting our brand and our thought leadership a platform at DMEXCO was great exposure for us and opened the door on multiple conversations with potential new clients.