SDK Update 48: Support for More Mediation Partners and In-Feed Helper

By | 2018-10-25T09:38:05+00:00 October 9th, 2018|SDK Update|

The latest version of Intowow SDK includes two new features: support for more mediation partners and a custom-built In-Feed Helper. The new functions help developers maximize advertising revenue and provide more convenient advertising integration for newsfeed-style apps. Let’s take a closer look.

Support for more mediation partners – Intowow can now mediate Facebook Audience Network App Bidding and AdMob SDK

Intowow has long provided mediation services to facilitate easy integration for ad networks. Currently, Intowow supports Facebook Audience Network, AdMob, and a number of other demand sources. But with our latest SDK update, we have achieved something very few companies are doing – supporting mediation for Facebook Audience Network App Bidding. Instead of using traditional waterfall ad requests, Intowow SDK can simultaneously broadcast ad requests to both ad networks and demand partners via unified auctions to guarantee that publishers are maximizing the value of each ad impression.

In-Feed Helper

Without a supply side partner, developers need to design their own in-feed ad placements. But most publishers don’t have the resources to design, sell, and manage their own ad placements and interface. Here’s how the new Intowow In-Feed Helper solves news feed app integration challenges:

(1) Placement Control – Control placement and ad load/frequency right from the Intowow dashboard
(2) Predict and Prefetch – Zero latency, HD quality video ads are intelligently fetched and served by our SDK
(3) Easy Integration – Developers can adjust code structure by themselves for easy integration.