Communication is Key – Being an Account Manager at Intowow

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“There is enthusiasm and momentum here and it always inspires me to push myself and to truly believe that we can change the world.” – Lynn Huang, Account Manager. 

1. Tell us a bit about your job.

Sure, I’m an account manager at Intowow. Account manager is a challenging and crucial role in helping both clients and Intowow grow business. My main job includes monitoring daily revenue performance and communicating with both demand partners and publishers to optimize our results. I talk to demand partners everyday to get the latest campaign information and pricing, and I work with them to get our inventory included in their media buys. On the other hand, I also maintain regular communication with publishers to make sure they are satisfied with their our performance and to collaborate on new monetization opportunities.

2. What are the most important characteristics or skills for an account manager? 

From my point of view, communication and sensitivity to data are very important to an account manager. Account Managers should be alert to issues and key points among the numbers and communicate these findings to the right people to make adjustments. For example, in one case I found that ad call numbers dropped dramatically. After doing an investigation with a solutions engineer, we found that a setting was wrong. After making the adjustment, the issue was solved. Through this experience, I realized how these two skills make account managers valuable both to Intowow and to our clients, and also that we should proactively be sharpening our skills.

3. Describe your most memorable challenge at Intowow.    

One of our most important demand partners threatened to discontinue our working relationship if we didn’t improve our metrics. This was a big issue and we took a two-pronged approach to solve it. First, we scheduled a conference call with the partner right away and successfully negotiated with them to adjust their benchmarks. Then we discussed possible improvements with our solution engineers. The problem was solved in the end and I was really impressed by our teamwork in managing the situation and the solution!

4. What’s your favorite thing about working at Intowow? 

At Intowow, I have the chance to work with lots of talented colleagues. I really appreciate that people at Intowow are always able to generate solutions when faced with obstacles and issues. There is enthusiasm and momentum here and it  always inspires me to push myself and to truly believe that we can change the world.


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