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I was a bit nervous but very excited when I accepted the task of representing Intowow on stage at MOPCON. On the one hand, it is a great opportunity to share and show our engineer team’s efforts. On the other hand, I felt a bit nervous because I didn’t have any previous experience in giving a speech on stage, and did not expect my first-time speaking session would be at a huge event like MOPCON. The most nerve-wracking moments for me were the ten minutes while I was waiting to be introduced and welcomed on stage. When I saw the speaker talking confidently on the stage, I also kept telling myself don’t be nervous. Once I was on stage, I was happy that my speech had been well prepared. Although I wasn’t able to deliver it as fluently as I would have liked, it was effective in conveying our message to the audience.

I learned a lot while preparing my speech. The theme and content of the session were adjusted many times as we debated how hold the audience’s attention and express our whole idea in the allocated 20 minutes. After evaluating our platform’s technology design and practice, we decided to tell the Intowow platform evolution story and share our latest DevOps framework. My hope is that some audience members found the session interesting.

I relied on many people to prepare this speech session. The Intowow engineering team played a vital role in giving me lots of valuable opinions, and our marketing team helped make the speech deck look great. I would also like to thank AWS for giving me not only this opportunity but also the creative support to really help me generate my speech content. To sum up, it was a valuable experience to be a speaker at MOPCON, and it’s great to be part of such a dedicated team.