Global Traffic Conference Recap

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This month we attended Global Traffic Conference (GTC) hosted by Baijingapp in Shenzhen for the second consecutive year. From the outset, we were eager to take in some of the conference sessions, which this year featured an array of industry stakeholders, including Facebook, Alibaba Group, UC Ads, Cheetah Mobile, AppLovin, and Opera. The goal of GTC is to gather together companies who have a stake in global traffic to discuss not only trends but also – and more importantly – solutions to the challenges in mobile adtech.

For us, the most impactful takeaway from the show was the discussion about a certain kind of cycle that can cause a decline in traffic revenue for publishers. As Chinese publishers have observed the success of some of their predecessors at tapping into regional and global ad budgets by expanding their user bases abroad, more publishers are seeking to gain a footing in other countries. In the pursuit of large audiences at manageable prices, these publishers have been running CPI campaigns for their own apps in India and Indonesia in order to establish a user base. Once they have obtained a local presence, the publishers then turn around and begin selling their inventory, essentially tapping into the same demand pool that they had previously been a part of. Today the situation has reached a point of oversaturation and the publishers are seeking new income from new demand channels. What this means is that it’s a good time to be able to bring in-app CPM demand into these markets.


Intowow met with more than 50 publishers, ad networks, and agencies during the two-day show, which is a strong push for new business opportunities. In addition to new connections we were happy to host several meetings with existing partners, including VideoShow, Weather 360, DAP, Keep, Opera Mini, and UC Browser.

It’s clear that publishers are actively pursuing global demand and Intowow will always seek to forge diverse, valuable connections that help publishers monetize in ways that meet and exceed their goals. Intowow is positioned to play a vital role in making this happen – by attracting more global traffic companies be our partners we will continue to create value on both sides of these transactions.