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1. What is Yieldbooster®?

YieldBooster is an automatic yield optimization tool that helps publishers to holistically maximize the programmatic ad revenue from their existing auction-based demand channels including Google AdX, EBDA partners, and Header Bidding partners.

2. How do you evaluate Yieldbooster® performance?

Yieldbooster® uses Net Revenue Lift (%) to evaluate performance. When an ad unit or placement is managed by YieldBooster®, a small portion of the traffic is allocated as the benchmark (using your original Google Ad Manager settings), collecting performance data using your original settings. We leave the rest of the traffic to Yieldbooster® for optimization.

Net Revenue Lift is the uplift percentage that Yieldbooster® helps you earn based on your original revenue.

3. What can I expect from Yieldbooster’s® performance?

On average, Yieldbooster® increases our publisher revenue 30-100%. The percentage of net revenue lift is based on competition among demand sources. Yieldbooster® excels at boosting the performance of ad units with strong competition between Google AdX/AdSense.

Publishers keep 70% of the uplifted revenue created by Yieldbooster® – we only earn based on what we help you earn.

4. What are the minimum requirements of using Yieldbooster®?

Yieldbooster® operates entirely within Google Ad Manager (GAM). It is necessary to have an active GAM account to use Yieldbooster®.

If you do not own a GAM account, it is quite easy to apply for one if you already have an AdSense account. Follow these instructions to register for your GAM account and get set up before your Yieldbooster® onboarding. If you already have GAM, Yieldbooster® can start boosting your AdSense and AdX revenue today.

5. Is there a trial period? Are there any usage limits?

We provide a free trial during which you can onboard all of your ad units and enjoy revenue lift within the first 24 hours.

6. If I am satisfied with Yieldbooster® performance during the trial period, how can I continue to use Yieldbooster®?

If you want to continue using Yieldbooster®, please go to the payment page and fill in your credit card information. Yieldbooster® will charge 30% of the increased revenue every month.

7. How do I pay my service fee?

You can use a credit card to pay your service fee. We support the following credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, JCB.

If you are a current user seeking to pay your bill, click here to be redirected to the payment section of the dashboard.

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