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Dynamic Ad Units

Dynamic Placement Management

With Intowow, you’re in control. Publishers manage placements using cloud-based tools for real-time adjustments.

Premium Ad Formats for Brands

Our solutions are designed to deliver premium brand content to your users with ad formats that highlight great creative.

Customizable Design Elements

Intowow SDK plugs into flexible design code. We’ll provide you with demo code and you design it to fit your UX.

Only Brand Videos

We bring publishers premium brand content – no calls to action, no ‘Click to Install’ ads, no intrusive tactics. Native creative makes users happier and raises eCPMs.

HD Video Quality

Advanced device and screen recognition ensures the highest quality video possible, with quality ratings that surpass Facebook standards. Our SDK learns user behavior patterns to prepare videos in advance, to ensure smooth, no-lag playback. Smart display technology can deliver at proper time, such as only when a user is accessing wifi.

Zero Latency

Even the highest quality video loads immediately and plays smoothly every time thanks to Intowow AI predictive pre-fetching. Understanding user behavior allows our intelligent ad serving technology to have video at the ready, keeping users engaged by augmenting user experience.