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Why Yieldbooster® Prime ?

Holistic Yield Optimization

Yieldbooster® Prime
is an automatic revenue optimization tool that helps publishers to holistically maximize the programmatic ad revenue from their existing programmatic demand channels including Google AdX, EBDA yield partners, and Header Bidding partners*.
* Yieldbooster® Prime is ready for Google AdX and EBDA yield partners optimization. Open beta for Header Bidding optimization will start from early Q4, 2019

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100% Code Free!

Not even a piece of code is required to put on your webpage. The adoption is 100% code free.

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The entire guided onboarding process takes less than 10 minutes.

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Market Proven Performance

30% revenue uplift at least thanks to our advanced bid landscape forecasting technology.

Fair Comparison

Evaluate performance with fair real-time A/B testing in place of the biased before-and-after comparison.

Paid by Performance

You keep 70% of the net revenue uplift. We take a small cut from how much we’ve helped you purely increase.


100% Transparent

All our performance and billing metrics can be retrieved directly from Google Ad Manager query console.

No Interest Conflict

We only optimize your existing demand channels. We do not introduce any demand to publishers.

Feel the boost –
and keep all the additional revenue to yourself.

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How does it work?

Dynamic Segmentation

Intowow Intelligence subdivides Ad Unit’s traffic into finer granularity, and apply tailor-made optimization intelligence for each of the segments.

Real-Time A/B Testing

Real-Time A/B testing methodology helps comparing the optimized against unoptimized earning power in real time to provide an unbiased evaluation.


All performance data is collected via Google Ad Manager API, and can be easily restore from your Google Ad Manager console.

Bid Landscape Forecasting Technology

Much more powerful than the commonly used local search algorithm, Intowow’s unique bid landscape forecasting intelligence accurately proposes optimal floor prices, which generates significant lift, 30% at least.

We Cover Additional Ad Serving Cost

Additional ad serving cost generated by Yieldbooster® Prime will be deducted from our charge. Publishers enjoy pure and holistic revenue uplift.

100% Built upon GAM Official Features

Yieldbooster® Prime operates purely with official Google Publisher Tag(GPT) Library and standard Google Ad Manager API, and thus is 100% supervised by Google.

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