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Why Yieldbooster®?

The difference is clear, the process is easy, and the revenue increase is real and sustainable

Real Results Without Added Manpower

Yieldbooster® is valuable because it is truly different. By being code-free and fully automated, Yieldbooster® is accessible and valuable for any size publisher.
A unique approach to maintaining eCPMs and Sell-Through Rate stabilizes results. And real-time reporting accurately portrays performance with respect to current market trends.


There are tons of ad optimization solutions – make sure to pick one that best fits your inventory
Features Intowow
Solution A* Solution B* Solution C* Solution D*
Optimization Method Sequential Floor Price Optimization Floor price set by segment AdX + Header Bidding Floor price set by segment Floor price set by segment
Is Coding Required No Yes Yes (Tags) Yes Yes
Charging Model 30% of uplift revenue 10% of total Google Ad revenue 20% of total Google Ad revenue 10% of total Google Ad revenue 25% of uplift revenue
Performance Review Real-time comparison Historical comparison Historical comparison Historical comparison Historical comparison
AdSense Optimization Yes No No No No

* These are real tech companies, their identities have been concealed in the interest of fairness.

No Code,
No Headaches

Anyone with a basic understanding of Google AdSense or Google Ad Manager can set up Yieldbooster® in just 30 minutes.
There’s no code at any point in the process and you’ll connect through Google for maximum data protection.

Take the
Guessing Out of Optimization

Yieldbooster® gains a deep knowledge of bidding landscapes to improve floor price projections.
Intowow’s proprietary sequential floor price optimization technology manages eCPMs and fill rates at the same time.

A Full 30-Day
Free Trial

Yieldbooster® gets results. Take a full 30 days to feel the boost – and keep all the additional revenue to yourself.
Publishers can expect to see a 30-100% (or higher) increase in Google ad revenue, and that can continue to grow as Yieldbooster® keeps learning.

Start Boosting Your Revenue

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  • Get a 30-day free trial, during which you keep all the ad revenue.
  • After 30 days, you are invited to continue using Yieldbooster® according to our standard payment terms – you keep 70% of the Uplift Revenue.