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Why Yieldbooster® ?

The difference is clear, the process is easy, and the revenue increase is real and sustainable

Real Results Without Added Manpower

Yieldbooster® is valuable because it is truly different. By being code-free and fully automated, Yieldbooster® is accessible and valuable for any size publisher.
A unique approach to maintaining eCPMs and Sell-Through Rate stabilizes results. And real-time reporting accurately portrays performance with respect to current market trends.


There are tons of ad optimization solutions – make sure to pick one that best fits your inventory
Features Intowow
Solution A* Solution B* Solution C* Solution D*
Optimization Method Bid Landscape Forecasting Floor price set by segment AdX + Header Bidding Floor price set by segment Floor price set by segment
Is Coding Required No Yes Yes (Tags) Yes Yes
Charging Model 30% of uplift revenue 10% of total Google Ad revenue 20% of total Google Ad revenue 10% of total Google Ad revenue 25% of uplift revenue
Performance Review Real-time comparison Historical comparison Historical comparison Historical comparison Historical comparison
AdSense Optimization Yes No No No No

* These are real tech companies, their identities have been concealed in the interest of fairness.

No Code,
No Headaches

Anyone with a basic understanding of Google AdSense or Google Ad Manager can set up Yieldbooster® in just 30 minutes.
There’s no code at any point in the process and you’ll connect through Google for maximum data protection.

Take the
Guessing Out of Optimization

Yieldbooster® gains a deep knowledge of bidding landscapes to improve floor price projections.
Intowow’s proprietary sequential floor price optimization technology manages eCPMs and fill rates at the same time.

No Risk,
Try it for Free

Yieldbooster® gets results. Start your free trial to feel the boost – and keep all the additional revenue to yourself.
Publishers can expect to see a 30-100% (or higher) increase in Google ad revenue, and that can continue to grow as Yieldbooster® keeps learning.

Start Boosting Your Revenue

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  • You keep all the revenue uplift (at least 30%) from trial.
  • Enjoy a guided onboarding call with a Solution Engineer (10 minutes onboarding + 10 minutes dashboard walk-through).
  • Get an initial performance summary in 48 hours.
  • Receive a comprehensive performance review at the end of your trial.