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Holistic Yield


Intowow decentralized intelligence is built to request ads from the most appropriate demand source. The yield engine manages even the largest demand sources – MoPub, FAN, AdMob – in order to seek out the most valuable option.


Optimization via

Decentralized AI

For automation to generate as much value as possible, yield must be optimized on a per-user basis. Decentralizing system communications optimizes serving sequencing for each user, while a waterfall structure treats every user the same. A decentralized AI approach also automates the processes of yield optimization – most waterfall structures require manual adjustment every 24-48 hours. Saving labor costs, serving unique users, improving reporting and data, and increasing fill rates is the clear path to yield optimization.



Increase revenue with high-eCPM video ads and a decentralized AI yield engine that balances eCPM and fill rate.