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We Boost Google Ad Revenue

Increase AdSense and AdX revenue by 30% or more with
Yieldbooster™ by Intowow, a solution that utilizes machine
learning to continuously optimize Google ad yield.

Meet Yieldbooster™

Intowow proudly brings you Yieldbooster™, the world’s most powerful holistic plug-and-play optimization tool for Google Ad Manager. Now publishers of all sizes can increase their Google ad revenue with no coding, no man hours, and no headaches.

Feel the Boost

Yieldbooster™ publishers experience Google ad revenue increases of 30-100% – or more.

Start seeing results in less than 48 hours. Try it now for free.

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The Only REAL AdSense Optimizer

No other product can increase eCPMs by driving up bidding on AdSense.

It’s Easier Than You Think

No Code = Easy Setup

Yieldbooster™ is as easy to use as Google ad products – no coding involved.

No Commitment

Yieldbooster™ operates with a simple on/off switch – if you’re not seeing results, just turn it off.

No Manpower Needed

No code, guided onboarding, and a transparent dashboard for easy reporting.

As the very first Yieldbooster™ beta testing partner, we have enjoyed sustained revenue growth of +80% over the life of our subscription. In terms of return on investment, adding Yieldbooster™ to our monetization strategy is the best decision we’ve made in years. Our ad ops team loves the easy access to transparent, real-time data and flexibility to work on each individual placement. More importantly, the professional support and guidance we’ve received from the Intowow team has changed the way we think about our inventory.

Richard - CEO, iCook

The set up call is quick and informative. What are you waiting for?

Boost My Revenue

All The Reward, None of the Risk

Secure Connections

Yieldbooster™ doesn’t require admin account access.

30 Days Free

Our 30-day free trial lets you keep all the extra revenue and none of the risk.

Fair Pricing

The best pricing in the industry – we earn based on what we help you earn.

Yieldbooster™ Features


After a quick onboarding process, control every placement with just one click.


The only dashboard of its kind makes Yieldbooster™ performance crystal clear.


Smart algorithms analyze millions of daily impressions to optimize Google Ad Manager performance.


30-minute integration, no IT support or engineering resources needed.

The Publisher’s Champion

As a true tech partner and champion for ad revenue optimization, we boost publisher bottom lines with products built on market-leading technology and data-driven strategies. We manage our global roster of clients from our home base in Taipei, Taiwan.

Your Free Trial Awaits

Run Yieldbooster™ FREE for 30 days and you keep the added revenue.

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